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Delhi Travel
Currency : Indian Rupee
Languages : English is widely spoken
Weather : Average Temperature
April to September: Minimum 25°C Maximum 40°C
October to March: Minimum 4°C Maximum 20°C

Welcome to India 

Visa Rules:-Tourists wishing to visit India will normally be granted tourist Visa, effective from the date of issue. Tourist Visas are non-extendible and non-convertible. Travel Agents who have to visit India frequently may be granted tourist Visa for a longer duration.

Please Note:- Persons holding long term Visa (having validity exceeding 6 months) are normally not expected to stay in India more than 6 months during each visit.

Customs For the purpose of Customs clearance of arriving passengers, a two channel system has been adopted

  • Green Channel for passengers not having any dutiable goods.
  • Red Channel for passengers having dutiable goods.
  • All the passengers shall ensure to file correct declaration of their baggage.
    Green channel passengers must deposit the customs portion of the disembarkation card to the custom official at the gate before leaving the terminal.
    Declaration of foreign exchange/currency has to be made before the custom officers in the following cases:
    (a) Where the value of foreign currency notes exceed US $ 5000 or equivalent
    (b) where the aggregate value of foreign exchange including currency exceeds US $ 10,000 or equivalent
    Passengers walking through the Green Channel with dutiable / prohibited goods are liable to prosecution/penalty and confiscation of goods.

    Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic substances is a serious offence and is punishable with imprisonment.

    Make copies of all your important travel documents (like ID, passport and visa) and leave it with a friend or family in case you lose the originals. Fill in the emergency information page of your passport. Leave the hotel phone number with your friends. Country code (phone) of India is "91"
    Do not wear expensive jewellery and do not put all your cash in one location. Get some US Dollars converted to Indian Currency (Rupees) before youtravel. Carrying some travelers' cheques is also a good idea. If you need money in India only exchange it with authorized agents or banks. Inform your credit card company and Bank that you will be traveling to India on which dates so that your card is not blocked for suspicious activity.

    Always drink bottled water and make sure that it’s sealed. Always eat well cooked food. In India, do buy fruits cookies and crackers with you. Local brands like Parle and international brands like Britannia and Nestle are safe to eat.

     If traveling in the monsoon, carry a raincoat and umbrella. Carry flashlight and an extra set of lock and keys. If you need directions prefer shopkeepers over pedestrians. It’s a good idea to re-verify with someone else also. Winters (December to February) can be chilly, especially in North India. Carry sweaters and jackets.

    Be safe: Follow local laws and keep patience. Do not leave your luggage unattended in public places, beware of pick pockets and do not accept packages from strangers. Women travelers should be extra safe.

    Tipping: Tips are not common in India.. If you want to tip try to tip not more than 10-20 Indian rupees.

    Beggars: You will find them quite often. Although some are genuine but at times people are forced into it. If you want to donate, it’s better to donate to nonprofit organizations.

    You can expect to bargain/negotiate price of the item in most of the shops (except government-run). You can even start with half price. Leave if you are not satisfied.

    Not everyone follow the traffic rules, so prefer not to drive on your own. India has a lot of budget airlines; consider flying when traveling long distance. Trains are also a good option. Try to travel in 1st or 2nd class compartment instead of general class.

    Cell (Mobile) phone coverage is quite good in India and cheap too. Definitely consider getting one if you are staying for more than 1 month. Most plans have free incoming calls and cheap outgoing calls.

    Try to learn some local words. In North India Hindi is the primary language, Southern India has a separate language for each State. Lots of people in India speak English, especially in popular tourist spots

    Some commonly used words/ phrases that will makes you feel at Home
    Greetings and Common Courtesies
    Hello Namaste
    Goodbye Alvida/Namaste
    How are you? Aap kaise hain?
    Good, fine Maye theek hoon
    Please Kripya
    Thank-you Dhanyavaad
    Yes Haan-jee
    No Nahi-jee
    Very much Bahut ziada
    Welcome Swaagat hain
    How much? Kitna hain?
    How many? Kitne hain?
    What time is it? Samay kya hua hai?
    No problem Koi pareshani nahi hain
    Excuse me Maaf keejiye
    Do you understand? Aap samajh rahe hain?
    I don’t understand  Mujhe samajh nahi aa raha hai
    Never Mind Koi baat nahi
    At The Restaurant
    I would like Mujhe chahiye
    I do not want Mujhe nahi chahiye
    Coffee Coffee
    Tea Chai
    Milk Doodh
    Sugar Chini
    A drink Kuch Peeneke liye
    Drinking water Peene ka pani
    Coconut water Narial paani
    Yogurt drink-sweet Lassi-meethi
    Yogurt drink-sour lassi-namkeen
    Fresh lime-sweet Nimbu pani-meetha
    Fresh lime-sour Nimbu pani-namkeen
    Chicken  Murga
    Lamb Bakra
    Fish Macchli
    Pork Suvar ka maas
    Vegetarian Shakahari
    I would like a cold beer Mujhe ek thandi beer chahiye
    I would like a taxi Mujhe taxi chahiye
    Gift   Taufa
    I am feeling ill Meri tabiyat theek nahi hai
    Out Shopping
    Yes, thank-you Haan-jee,dhanyavaad
    No, thank –you Nahin-jee,dhanyavaad
    It is too expensive Yeh bahut mahenga hai
    Handicraft Hastkala
    Clothes Kapreh
    Where is the market? Bazaar kahaan hai?
    Easy Counting
    1 Ek
    2 Doh
    3 Teen
    4 Char
    5 Paanch
    6 Chey
    7 Saat
    8 Aath
    9 Nau
    10 Dus