The Uppal Hotel New Delhi near Industrial Hub Gurgaon and Delhi Special Offers
Concept Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
The Uppal New Delhi
Corporate information, Uppal Hotel New Delhi, Luxury 5 Star Hotel in New Delhi

Concept Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. operates across a broad spectrum of markets from standard to deluxe hotels, apartment hotels, boutique hotels & time-share properties (in conventional star terms, from three to five star hotels). It owns The Fern Brand and it also operates hotels under the Uppal banner (5 Star), Wall Street Corporate Business Hotels, Rodas Boutique Hotels, etc. which are ownership brands.

The company has four divisions

This division provides consultancy in hospitality industry including preparation of feasibility studies.
Hotel Management

Positioning a new hotel in the market place is a very important aspect of marketing. With spiraling prices and huge costs of development, the task is even more difficult. This department takes care of the smooth running of the same.
This department helps the new hotels to create a brand in the market while the established ones are helped out in increasing their market shares and maintaining their brand names.
Tie-up with HVS Eco Services
Concept Hospitality Ltd. has entered into a MOU with HVS Eco Services (the certifying agency for environmentally sensitive hotels).